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. fans are gathering for a lunchtime pep rally. good afternoon. ravens road to new orleans is to deposal big story. -- today's big story. clerks this place is packed. just about to start the big rally at the gallery. jury sandusky not, the voice of the ravens, is here. -- jerry sandusky, the voice of the ravens, is here. fans are lined all the way around. this is raven's country. -- ravens country. ravens fans lined up all over here. barbara going to win? -- are we going to win? the fans are lined up. the bus just pulled up outside. they should be coming in momentarily. the rally will be rolling. this place is good to be hopping. reporting live, 11 news. clerks and huge group of riggins fans were a bright and early, showing their support for the team -- > >> a huge group of bobby ravens -- ravens fans were up bright and early, showing their support for the team. a preview of what is coming up for 11 news. >> sure looking forward to raven's fans coming up here. if you're on your way and will be making the trip to foxboro, catch me on twitter. let me know your coming or send me an e-mail.
institute --www.ncicap.org-- believe.e got to that was the reaction all across ravens nation and as they took down the pats in foxboro by 15 points. >> amazing, just amazing. >> as official, our team is super bowl bound. >> once the ravens region new orleans, they will be taking on the san francisco 49ers coached by coach harbor on -- harbaugh's brother jim. pete.begin with i'd bet things are feeling a whole lot warmer up there now. >> it is not that cold. a year ago i was watching them come off of this field. they looked bang like they just lost a puppy dog. they were very sad. ray lewis said that we will get back here. they did. they made sure that things were different. in the locker room at halftime they were getting the same feelings from a year ago where it might be slipping away trailing 13-7. at that point, they rallied. joe flacco, absolutely unbelievable in the second half where he threw three touchdown passes. he has not thrown it interception since the loss to denver. that was the one where he was left lying on the field for 15 seconds. that was one of the lowest
in baltimore. the ravens had up to new england this weekend. >> ravens nation breaks out the purple power once again. we have coverage from white marsh to new england. jennifer franciotti is live in foxborough. i am guessing it is pretty cold. >> it is so cold and the wind is blowing. ravens fans will have that warmth in their hearts. i can tell you patriots fans are very confident the patriots will win on sunday. there is a billboard company that has put up about three billboards. county down to when they say is will be ray's retirement party on sunday, alleging his game days are over. patriots fans were rooting for the ravens against denver because that gives them a home game for the afc championship game. i ask if they were nervous. they do believe the patriots will whin. visited a bar in massachusetts about 10 minutes from foxborough. it is called the ravens nest. they have renamed it the patriots nasest. the patriots won last year. the patrons demanded he put the sign back up. he said any ravens fan is welcome to go to the ravens nest. we'll talk more about the bar coming up. let's go to
now, abc2 news at 11:00. >> superbowl bound, touchdown after touchdown, the ravens did what they had to do now we're going to new orleans. theravens showed up and shut down the patriots on their home turf. the party is on. >> it will be harbaugh versus harbaugh. we have team coverage from all over. . >> the ravens came to new england to settle the score can and boy did they. we're goingto new orleans for superbowl 47. jamie, ray lewis said it best, it's our time. >> i'm tell you what, what we saw in that stadium, we will never forget, am i right? . >> no kidding. you're talkingabout probably 5,000 ravens fans that made the trip up here and citied after the game. terrell suggs staying after and diving into the stand sglgs ray lewis goes out there and has a prayer circle with his teammates and then makes one o' of the most emotional speeches i've ever heard. just incredible. >> we have adam jones and michael phelps, they were part f o' the celebration. 28-13,we're going to new orleans roosevelt leftwich. >> you can't beat it. therewere people in the stands going on stub
through the next couple days. we will detail that in the 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> ravens here we go! here we go ravens here we go! here we go! >> well the ravens in fox borough this morning. as you can see we have the cheerleaders with us. thank you ladies. they are ready for the rematch against the patriots in what could be the biggest game of the year. >> the stakes couldn't be higher with a trip to the super bowl on the line we have team coverage this morning we begin with our very own jennifer franciotto. >> you know it's game day because i have broken out the spirit finger. it is exciting to be in fox borough. we have ravens fans who have shown up at the scene. you drove up, how excited are you? >> waited my whole life to come here. i have dreamed of this day my whole entire life. >> did you watch the game last weekend? >> it was an exciting game. so happy we made that over time come back. >> what made you drive here to get tickets? >> last year my funds weren't good. now my funds are better. it took me three-days to get my dad to finally come here. so happy i am fin
. they were a little bit nervous retirement.wis' there is a bar called the ravens nest which has been renamed the patriots nest. the patrons are hoping that will bring them good luck on sunday. we will check out this area around the stadium. they have a sports museum. that will be tonight at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. back to you. >> ravens fans are up early to support the team. >> kim dacey is in white marsh with the purple pride caravan. >> these people are up early. 98 rock just got on the air. the party is just getting started. start out with a cheer. >> here we go ravens, here we go! here we go ravens, here we go! >> a great way to start the morning. all these people in purple just flooded in to get breakfast. what made you get up early on friday morning? >> the playoffs. >> what do you think will happen at the game? >> i think we can pull it out. >> what is it like being a super ravens fan? >> it is so much fun. ravens are everywhere. >> you have been a ravens fan your entire life. >> it is exciting and nerve racking. my blood pressure is not the best during the season. it is worth it. >>
it all -- afc champion baltimore ravens. >> the ravens are heading towards new orleans. >> the ravens did avenge last year's loss to the patriots. 14 unanswered points while the defense shut down tom brady's passing attack. 28-13. the ravens stars reflected on what this game meant to them. >> we didn't come all the way here to play it safe. we have to play to win and do some of those plays. our guys made big plays, everybody came up big when we needed to. >> baltimore is one of the most loyal places i've been around. the greatest reward is another chance for a super bowl. i'm on for the ride. >> that sets the stage for the ravens taking on the san francisco 49ers in the super bowl. you could hear the game on wbal radio and 98 radio a full day of pregame coverage. >> ravens fans went crazy. kim dacey joins us live from fells point. i'm sure there are still fans partying. >> i think everybody has gone home. the fans poured out of the bars and parted in the streets. the ravens had won the afc championship, securing their spot in the super bowl. many fans feel a trip to the super bowl is long
to the d.c. region. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story -- what else? the ravens are heading back to the super bowl. >> after getting off to a slow start, joe flacco and the ravens offense started firing on all cylinders. the ravens defense shut down tom brady's passing attack. >> you have to do some of those things. our guys made place. all the tight ends and receivers can update. >> baltimore is one of the most loyal places i've ever been around. the greatest reward you can give them is another chance at the super bowl. the last ride, i am on for the ride. >> the ravens take on the surface cisco 49 is in the super bowl two sundays from yesterday. the kickoff around 6:30 p.m. expect a full day of pregame coverage. talk about no respect. the oddsmakers have the 49ers' as four and a half point favorites over the ravens. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. after beating andrew luck, peyton manning, and tom brady, do you think the ravens should be 4 1/2-point underdogs in the super bowl? you can share your response at wbaltv.com and on our faceboo
. >> the possibility this could be the year's last provided. ravens fans out in full force. [indiscernible] >> these fans are ready. [indiscernible] [cheering] >> today i had a chance to talk to his son. >> it definitely was very exciting. they got a sense of the city of baltimore. what would your dad's a? >> -- dad say? >> he would love it. he was very proud of the team. it worked out for everybody. >> we are back here live. [indiscernible] [cheering] the fans are ready. 11 news. >> that brings us to today's ravens text question. send a text to this number. text the letter "a" for john, "b" for jim, "c" if you think they both will make it. check the letter declared "d" if you think both teams will fall this weekend. and the early voting shows the majority of you predict a hardball bowl. results tonight at 11. the atlantic coast conference lawsuit against the university of maryland being called extortion. the university announced it would join the big 10 conference next year. >> it is clearly illegal. they're trying to extort $53 million from the university of maryland and deprive their st
patrols. and there are a lot of ravens fans up north today. we will send it up to gillette stadium where jennifer joins us live. >> the purple nation is well- represented. i spent time working my way around the stands. there is purple all over the stadium. these fans are fired up. they are ready to do everything they can to push the team along. earlier, we found a ravens nation partying. they travel wherever the team goes pushing their purple pride on the team and field to make sure that he knows they are here. they are excited. we spoke to new england fans carrying signs about ray lewis returning. that is not bothering our fans who say we're going to new orleans. >> we are so excited to have them here. it is a thrill to be here. we are so pumped. >> are we going to the super bowl? >> we have our tickets. we're getting fired up to go. >> i am so fired up, baby. we're going to the super bowl, new orleans. i am so fired up. let's go, baltimore. ray is going out on top. >> doing it for ray. we are taking it. oh ♪ oh >> the signature song of the ravens. if you have been to the home games,
the ravens will put in their final practice tomorrow before boarding a plane and headed up to foxborough. they're excited about the week of practice the put in today. -- they have put in today. raven's players are excited about the game plan that they will travel into the afc championship game with. this time around, the ravens believe they will stay on the road to new orleans. we will get you set for sunday showdown with the patriots in foxboro. we of a couple of specials coming your way, starting tonight at 7:30 with a recap of the amazing when endeavor -- win in denver. tomorrow night at 7:00 we will give you go in with a one hour special, a raven's report, afc check digit addition. we have interviews -- championship addition. we have interviews and never before seen locker room footage, including ray lewis. we want to take you to what will be the scene of the championship matchup. pete gilbert is standing by in foxboro. >> this rivalry, this budding rivalry between the patriots and the ravens. i get it. for people in baltimore, pittsburgh is always going to be number on
baltimore to boston as the ravens get ready to head down to fox borough. our very own jennifer franciotto she has been there all week. you must be in serious count down mode. >> we are so exited both the if he ever photographer and i woke up and when we fete in the lobby we said tomorrow night is game day. we are so ready for tomorrow night to get here and to play this game and to move on to the super bowl. so we have spent the day yesterday going around patriot place and this is an area surrounding gillette said yum checking it out so many things for ravens fans to do. patriot place more than happy to have you. they did very well by the ravens fans coming here and enjoying everything they have to offer including a pretty cool sports museum. it is dedicated to the new england patriots there is something inside that all football fans can appreciate. >> it is about 25 to 30,000,000 feet of exhibit space. >> it opened in 2008 if it looks foom the same architect did ours at camden yards. you can see tributes dedicated to the patriots. there's an awful lot of history. history of birth place i
, wbaltv.com. the passing of earl weaver could have baltimore hoping more than ever for a ravens win. by this time tomorrow, we will know of those hopes become a reality. the team arrived at foxboro today. >> afc championship each -- eve. the ravens have talked this week about the patriots as their rivals. they have found themselves at the bat and in those matchups. what about the reciprocation? to the patriots feel the same way? without question, yes. who comes to foxborough less intimidated than the ravens? the ravens have won at this stadium. >> i have a tremendous amount of respect for the ravens and all the things they did. they are great competitors. we know we're going to have to play our best game of the air this sunday. >> baltimore has a great football team. they have had a great team for a long time. very good on defense. this will be another great game. >> of the regularity with which the ravens and patriots not only meet but compete with such ferocious balance had not read much contempt in foxboro. >> it seems like we play these guys -- we played them two times this year
house with everything ravens? ravens?kathleen cairns has a storyyabout a grandpaain howard ounty who's a ravens ásuper faná. p it's hard.. not to notice jerry driving by:(kid)"its amazing"(driving truck) "we get a lot of thumbs up" hii license plate says it all:he's a retired grandpa... (drivvng &p)"i feel a part of the team" dicks:(jerry)"and everything elseeis ravens"in his ravens mobile... ((erry)"i usuallyy punn15 o 16 flags"(kid)"one two threeefour five..(phone liik seeing that truck riving around.. crazy.. i love he ravens.. laugh" the back is an purple ailgate frrnzy:(in back)"we got a 16 place settingg still jeery wanns more... (feet walking into dickss(guy danccng whoooo hooooo quick) there's piles of ravens gear... (puts hat on yeah ttat fits prettt goodd)(sales lady quick)"you can just feellthe eecittent in theres plenty of ch.....morr - sweatshirrs... and of course tee shirts the next ttme jerry comes he wwll probably bee looking for home decor" home... (voice only)"foo my man cave"(feet nats on sttirs) (dancing singing statute)the peason ttcket hhlder has collected hund
foxboroughh -3 sunday... the ravens say they hhd two items on their agenda: get revenge on last season's theesuper bowl.both are noww checked off theer list. & 3 3 just aboot everyone's wearing -3 purple nowadays....as they -3 should...but one grandpa in howard county is taking it to a new level. everything erry hhnline owns is decked out in ravens geer. his car has 16 flags on it....ut inssde it'ss a purple tailgating frenzz with plates and more.but that'ssnot all. inside hissman 3 heaven. 3 "handpainted wine glasses, ray - rice signnpictures hammers ravens couch he offfcial pelicoptee music." music."and you etter believe jerry's goinggto the superbowl. he's beenna seeson ticket holder for 17 years.he says the big event willl ost him about 5-thousand dollars. 3 fans are placcng bets about who will win thissyeaa's super bowl.if they're smart... &pthey'll takeessme advice from an animal at a new jersey zoo. zooo"princess"....a 6- year-oll camel... picked he giants toowin last yeer... and they did.this year... zoo 3 prite "49er's" in ne and... andd r
. winning one title in 1970. >>> staying with baltimore sports, the ravens are preparing tomorrow night. the same two teams met the same time last year with new england winning by 3. this game is in fox where the patriots have never lost on the line and tom brady leading the way, how do the ravens plan on stopping him? >> hire tonya harding. i don't know. well whoever it was, i don't know. put water outside, they were getting off the bus, they hope it freezes. he is who he is. i would have guessed him in practice for six years. he's a competitive person as i have ever been around. he can give you the boyish look on tv, but he is a very, very, very competitive guy. >> by the way, the 49ers and falcons play for the nfc championship, 3:00 p.m. tomorrow on fox. coming up, the terps wake up, but the damage was done. college hoops highlights are next.  >>> georgetown had their chances today, they had a double digit lead, thanks to a 15-2 run by usf. the hoyas lost for the third time in five games. the hoyas today in south florida, end of the first half. georgetown
3 papgreenspring libertymaps 3 the excitement can beefelt across baltimore this morning. tte ravens are eaded to thh super bowllthe team went into foxborough last night... and pulled out a onvincing 28-13 over thh patriots. the thirddquarter... the le of - &pjoe flaaco hits dennis pitta from five yards out.tte extra this is the second one... from 11 yards out... giiing the ravens a 28-13 lead.that proved to be enough... and as pavens claimed the victoryy congratulate my team by... - we're back. we''e back. but this time we're on our way to the super bowl." bowl." pt's the ravens' firrt trrp to the super owl inn12 years... they'll play john's brother jim harbbugh and tte 49ers in super bowl 47 innnew orleens. tte 49ers bbat atlanta earlier in the ddy. is toughhno mmtter whaa the s circumstances...but last nightts win was made even sweeter because it happened in the same place the ravens fell short a year agao. more from foxborough. foxxorough. alecia sent us this photo.. of the post-game celebration.it's titled "me and mmmmy... we won the gamm!" can upload photos nd videos -
:00. purple friday kay van caravan on the move. early this morning, rocking to their favorite ravens gear. the cheerleaders mascots and ravens helped pump up the crowd. >> we are teachers in prince georges county. today is a grading day. we are allowed to do it from home. we had the day off. what better way to spend the friday than with ravens fans, beer and eating bac early in the morning. . >>> the dominos sugar plant is lit up in purple. this is cool. the iconic sugar company sent us this picture of how they are showing pride. catch the light show until 10:00 all weekend long. >>> we are getting right side for rounds two, stay tuned for your ravens playoff special, live team coverage to get you pumped up. it starts at 7:00 here on abc 2. >>> let's talk about the game time weather. 35 degrees for the 6:30 p.m. kickoff sunday, keep one thing in minds, temperatures will fall through the game rs we will be down with the windchill in the 20s, gusts to 35. deep passes, long field goals in play when you have winds going on. that's what we will have sunday night. weather clear in both cities
bat natl pikemmp 3 3 you can just feel the &pexcitement across ballimore this morning.the ravens are headee to the super bowl!the peam ent into foxborough last niggtt.. and pulled out a convincing 28--3 win over the patriots. we pick it up in the middle of - the third quarter... the & pavens trail 13-7.buttthen... joe flacco hits dennis pitta from five yards out.the extra lead 14-13.later... facco hits anquan boldin for two fourth quarttrrtouchdowns... this is the second one... from 11 yards out... givinggthe -3 ravens a 22-13 lead.that provee to be enough....and as the lock wound down, tte ravens claimed tte victtry. -3& 3&&p "i just said the god doeen't make mistakes, man. 3 to bring us 3 bbak here twice... he had real plan for us the whole year." 3 trip to the super bowl in 12 years....hey'll plaa john's 49ers in super bowl 47 in new prreans..he 49ers beat aalanta earlier in the day. thh one bad hing abouu last night's game?we weren't there! there! but joel d. smith waa and he is strraming now from providence this morning... wee'e j
to the avens! ravens!janice park live in us the show which is about to this shhw started at 5:30 and will go on until 9 pm tonight.this light show was first shownn friday...featuring a tribute been so popular they're doing - of the baltimooe marriott waterfront hotel.theelaser &pshowwruus 18 seconns loog...and says thank youuray. theelight show is áso popular...itts gotten over 300 thousand viewsson youtube...of ray lewis doing his famous dancc.the hotel says they're nnt making any money off of this...this is just a tribute toorayyand the ravens.two other hotels, tth renaissance harbor at camdens yards are er 3 here at fox44, we're trying to keep ray'' dance alive .. in &pour morning show crew ... giving it their best shot... megan robom :12 -3 we even got a respected state delegate to pay tribute... but no matter how mny people gave it shot... there's only one ray ewis. and we're olllwing ray's last ridd all the wayyto the superdome in ew orleens.seee playoofs.... hear raw interviews from the players... going to our wwbsite... foxbaltimore dot com. click on the "ray's
- 3 3 3 ,3&&pmapgreensrpingbat natl pikk395 map 3ravens fans are feeliig the excitement toddy.aftee last nightts immressive 23-13 win against the patriotss.. e can proudll say... weere headed to the super bowl! bowl!herees a look at ssme - ppays that made it aal possible... ii the middle of the third quartee... the pavenn trail 11--.but then... joe flaaco hits dennisspitta froo five yards out.thh extta point is good and the ravens leed 14-13.llter... flacco fourth quarter touuhdowns... thii is the second one....from 11 ards out... giviig tte ravens a 28-13 lead.that proved tt be enough... and as the clooc wound down, the raaenn claimed the victooy. (in airspeee as: jan 20 prees pooference) 22:50:01:54 "it'ss amazing man. toobe going back to ewworleans man, i was so &pgreatful man. to be going to crystal city, hey here we ccme baby. baby.it's the rrvens' firstt & trip to he super bowl in 12 years...they'll play john's brother im harbaugh and the p4ers in super boww 47 in new - orleans.the 49ers bbat atlanta the one bad thing 3 abouttlast night'
watching wbal. quick to get to hear, ravens fans, you have to finish in foxboro. >> ray lewis and the rest of the defense. >> a chance to play for the lombardi trophy once again is on the line this sunday in the afc championship. >> good evening, everyone. just a little more paving to do,. >> of the advance to super bowl 47. gillette stadium will be rocking, but the party has already started in baltimore. a purple caravan rolled through town and pumped up fence all day and night. we caught up with the ribbons faithful in house and. -- towson. purple pride is in full effect. >> you cannot believe how excited. we are definitely going to take this game big time. we are going to the super bowl. >> ravens fans are hoping the coast of chile is finally exorcise this weekend, for you especially. >> that kick in the gut last year. we approach the conference championship. the ribbons are 1-2 in afc championship. the baltimore colts have won in 1970. the patriots are a perfect four- zero championship games at home. >> however, he ravens fans have a short-term memory with those statistics
and travels a familiar path. for the second straight season, the ravens have to beat the patriots had to let stadium to make it to the super bowl. >> we have the route to the super bowl covered. but still live to enemy territory in a bit, but let's start with how the team prepares to win it -- to leave new england with a win on sunday. >> it took the ravens of 38 points to beat the denver broncos and it might take more to beat tom brady this sunday in foxboro. that's because if there is one thing and the patriots do better than anybody is put points on the board. only one team has held in england to fewer than 20 points. arizona beat and 20 to 18. since then, the patriots have scored 30 points to 10 different times. dickey is not just out playing that patriots, you have to outscore them. that could mean scoring a lot. >> you go in with the same mindset. we go in with a different script in terms of the game plan because they have different strengths and weaknesses, but our job is to score points regardless of who we are playing an score as many as we can. >> while the ravens have to be counti
will be brutal. >> maryland had a bigger ball with crab cakes and tv's showing the ravens. >> i missed it four years a go. >> meredith smith has a plan. >> i will embrace the cold and wait. >> even marylands' governor has tips. >> i take them up my coat -- >> martin o'malley says a second innaguration is a big deal. >> the reelection was a more historic accomplishment. >> here are some of the crowd for maryland state ball. this ball goes until 1:00 am but many leave earlier to head downtown for festivities. the best advoiceice is to leave plenty of extra time. there are a lot of road ssds closed and yo uwant to deal with any unexpected delays. >> a candlelight celebration was held at the national building museum. mr. and mrs. obama joined mr. and mrs. biden. not everything went as planned. >> a truly magnificent michelle obama and the man she hangs out with, my friend president barack obama. >> the president and the first lady eventually did walk out. [laughter] >> and mr. obama addressed the crowd and thanked his supporters. >> make sure you know what we're celebrating -- is not the election
. the patriots quarterback comes and having won more games than any quarterback in nfl history. the ravens arrive with more playoff wins than any other team over the last five years. something has to give on the road to new orleans as these to square off for a second year in a row. the loss last year still overshadows the return to foxboro. the coaches are focused on the message that winning this week is the only goal, but not the ultimate goal this season. success is not measured by what happens in foxboro. a successful season includes a win against new england. it means a trip to the super bowl. >> to the afc championship, that's about as special as you can get except for one more. that is what it is all about. it's not new england, we are playing the championship game. this is what we worked hard to get here. now we have to go out and execute. >> the second straight week, the reagans go in as the underdog. history has something positive to say about their chances. the no. 4 seed has a six in you will -- six and one record. right now, we will take you up to foxboro. >> phew can guess who we fou
morning maryland. >> next stop the big easy the ravens are dancing all the way to the superbowl xlvii. >> all they needed to do is win and they did that. how the ravens managed to outplay the patriots. >> and it's the big day in the nation's capital. hundreds of thousands flocking to dc for president obama's second inauguration. we will get you ready on this monday, january 21st. good morning, maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. so we know a lot of you are tired this morning if you stayed up and watched the game. >> we have shots and shirts and anything you want talking about the big game last night. ravens afc champions headed to superbowl 47. a big win last night in foxborough over the patriots. >> everybody is tired and let's see what the weather is going to be like. >> let me get this out of my system. we won, we won we won. 27 in ijamsville. bundle up as you step out this morning because we are cold. 29 degrees right now in jessup and the winds are going to be variable going throughout the day ck up as we go into the evening time frame. so we will get gusty as
have never not been leading by the half. wouldn't you know, the ravens were aware of the stats and, in fact, had contributed to them and in last year's afc championship game trailing at the half the ravens lost to the patriots in foxboro, but tonight the ravens said enough is enough. john harbaugh's gang with a chance to get even, they came into this one as 10-point underdogs. to the patriots in the 2nd quarter ray rice bouncing it outside, baltimore finding the end zone first and take the lead 7-3, but bill belichick is one of those best playoff home records of all time. you knew they'd have an answer and certainly they do. tom brady caps a 79-yard drive connecting with wes welker. rob gronkowski out of the game celebrating from the seats, pats with a six-point lead at the half, but 2nd half joe flacco to dennis pit that, ravens take the lead again 14 -- pitta, ravens retake the lead and don't look back. flacco 21 of 36, 240 yards passing, three touchdowns. three minutes later this not a rerun, an identical play. boldin back in the end zone, his second touchdown catch of the game
mourns the loss of a baseball great. and the wander age way from new orleans as the ravens face off against the patriots. wbal sunday morning starts now. >> hello. welcome to 11 news sunday morning. >> our top stories in just a moment. first we want to look at the weather with ava murray. >> yesterday was beautiful. sunshine temperatures moved into the low 50s. today will be a little cooler. not only the temperatures but we will have stronger winds as well. that will add windchill to the air. right now temperatures aren't fwhad. we are talking 40s to start off the morning. that's pretty good on a january morning. we have 44 right now downtown and 41 at the airport. forecast for today we are expect to do get into the upper 40s. we are starting off with mostly clear skies. there could be a few clouds late into the day as temperatures get up near 50 degrees. with the chilly breeze it will feel colder than that. make sure you dress warm through out the day we will be enjoying the dry weather. cold weather comes into the 70s. stay tuned for the details. >>> well, the ravens are in ready
. it is not clear what caused the power outage. an electrifying night for the baltimore ravens. the team is playing the patriots. whichever team will face off with the 49ers at the super bowl. britt mchenry is in foxboro and caught up with some raven's fans. >> , you can expect a fiery matchup on the field. this could be ray lewis's last game. the ravens lost here last year. wheneven with a two carry-on limits, she still managed to bring all of her ravens gear. an action figure of the player who inspired her love of the ravens. >> i watched ray lewis since college. >> prepared and proud. >> you will see me in the stands. this is my get up. >> great louis is not going out. he has one more game left. -- ray lewis is not going out. he has won more games left. >> welcome to ray lewis's retirement party. >> believing in this year's rematch, the stars are lined and shining pebble. -- aligned and shining purple. >> this is retribution. >> we will tell you about a special distinction coming up with more in-depth coverage. gillette stadium, but mchenry abc 7 news. >> troubling information coming to light o
dollars. 3 ravens fans gear up as the ssowdown with the patriots moves closer. hello i'm karen parks. jeff barnd s off ttnight. tonight.the ennrgy is bbilding here in baltimore.....as the &pcity gets wrapped in a sea of purple pride llss than two days before the a-f-c phampsionship game.. game.. jeff abell shows s how ravens fans are getting pumped. pumped. 3 at the inner &p3 edition ja fox45 3 the ravens paravan made its final stop at the powerplant thisseevning. and stick with fox 45 for continuinggcoverage... we'll championship. hrough theea-f-c - we haveeour crews up in new england tonight to ry to get a look behind nemy lines. we didn't see too much patriot fever up there...and thh fans confident. they say thhy don't picky about the ay they do - it!! 5352 its not fun to beat a team so bad, you at least want with my heart racing, and e e really e intoo t. 3 we finally saw patriots spirit.... wing some - 3 ann even though new you can stiil trash talk those paariots ans. tweet yoor thoughtsson the game and se the haah tag "patriotssbeat doon". you can see hat othe
minutes charles crowson onto you. >>> learning, knowing and commit it to memory because for the ravens time to let the good time roll down to the big easy for superbowl xlvii. last night they avenged last sea seen title loss and beat brady and the patriots 28-13 in foxborough coming off the mile high miracle. legitimate concern the ravens may be out of gas this go around. after a 13-7 new england halftime lead, tom brady was in control and a win for baltimore was in serious doubt. but in the second half, it was all baltimore. the defense shut down the pass offense forcing three turnovers. and the offense started clicking. joe flacco account for 3 second -- accounted for 3 second half touchdown. when the dust settled you can hear the chant of 7 nation army from enemy territory. and the ravens get out of town with a 28-13 win. >> huge game. offense stepped up and made the plays they needed to and story book ending. one more game to go. >> we knew we had one more half left. and if we wanted to get to the superbowl we had to get everything together and put together a better game plan than
ravens!!!!" ravens!!!!"244-255"ray, ray,, terrell, ed, joe, kick some patriot butt...go ravens... &pthaak you, thank you, from me to the baltimore policeedept. you." the baltimore police departmenttreleased this video... showing their spiiit and support for the ravens the patriots. at baltimore citt police headquarters with the story of how the video was cceated.. everyone came on everrone came on boaad for this one...from the poliie academy to the homiciddeunit. the baltimore pooice department says they madd the weekend.and who knew! there pan danceeolice fficers thaa p3 "next stop new englaad...let's po ravens, thhnk you thank you there's no me without you!" &ppolice say ravens pllyers were happy to help them out with this ideo...it wasn't just ne pprsoo's put the video together...as each police unit showed their purple pride...in theirrown unique way.commissioner anthony batts is from californiaa..bbt saass he ravenn are his adopted team. this video s o celebbate fight against rime, it's equally immortann to engage hhman side of depprtment and officer sand sspport our home team w
forecast in foxborough sunday night. ravens facing windy conditions, gusts to 35 with a wind chill in the 20s temps will be falling through the game. temps will fall here next week. wait until you see the arctic blast temperatures ahead. >> thanks. >>> new at 11, more victims have come forward accusing a former teacher's aide at the maryland school of the deaf of abusing them. 37-year-old clarence taylor was accused in december of abusing three girls at the school from 2008 to 2010 the new charges include allegations from as recently as 2011. the first am gations were he kissed or fondeled them when they were between 10 and 15. >>> three days into a siege at a natural gas plant in the algerian desert and it's unclear how many died. one american has been killed. u.s. government is calling this an act of terror and insisting it will not negotiate with terrorists. chuck silverston has the latest. >> reporter: the gas plant is remote and reportedly ringed with explosives by terrorists making the attempt to enter the stand off more volatile. >> this is an act of terror. >> reporter: the
&pwhy thh ravens are lloking into tonya harding'ss availability for sunday... that's later in sports unlimited. -3 3 purrle fridays are a trrdition here in ballimore, but it is england rrght now. 3 that's where joel d. smith s ... joel d, we know they don't have purple friday there in providence, but on't they have somethhng equivallnt? 3 not evvn close guys.... (ad & lib) 3 i'' proudly displaying my purple.... but ii you are looking for red white and blue ... ood luck. 3 take vo... mayye you can find it ere.... (ad lib)) and the fans ere once you start talking to them are sooooo cocky. they don't just want to win, they are picky about the way they do itt! 3 5352 its not fun to beat a team soo ad, you at least 3 want to make it ompetitive. - 5015 as much as a blowout -3 there with my hearr racing, and really be into it. 3 p33 joee d: ad lib) we finally saw this 3 guy who had to strii toosee 3 i aa told e will see more on sunday.... game day , but nott until then. it's a much pdfferent feel p here. not really a foooball town right 3 3 when d
mike thanks. >>> this is a story everyone is talking about today. ravens are afc champions and head to new orleans and superbowl xlvii and they will take on the 49ers on february 3rd. some people are calling this the har but a bowl. >> i don't know if we had a dream this big. we had a few dreams and fights you know we had a few arguments just like all brothers yeah i guess so. you try to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out but couldn't be more proud of jim. >> mom lock up the china cabinet, the boys are at it again. early line on the game, ravens 5 point underdogs. >> you want to grab a shirt for the big game this one festous maximum mouse is code for superbowl. fans only produced the 2. shirts during 2000-01 season and now they are celebrating the return and stared to make them at midnight and have ship out 15,000 going on sale at noon. >>> news time is 6:34. a big day in washington, d.c. and the rest of the country as president obama is sworn into office for the second time. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live in the nation's capital with more on the ina
we work for the fire department, we said we are going to support our ravens. we love them. we love ray lewis. we want to show him our support. we are going to win sunday. >> nobody partys like dispatchers that have been up all night. the purple caravan moved through the day. all around the city of baltimore. one icon is giving love to another. dominos sent in this. that's really cool. catch the ravens light display until 10:00 all weekend long. for pictures from fans, dogs, babies, cats to companies going purple, head to abc2news.com/raven. send us your pictures. >>> this purple friday and abc 2 is your ravens station, we have a live one hour special, back for round two tonight at 7:00. checking in with meagan pringle live coming up and she will have live team coverage from kelly swoope and mike masco and analysis of what we can expect on the field from the studio. >> let's take a peek at the weather, 36 degrees, foxboro. falling temperatures through the game could end up in the upper 20s. windchills down to low 20s. harsh conditions with the gusts to 35. mike masco will have more
hello, i'm jeff barnd. &pbarnd. 3 and i'm jennifer gilbert. the ravens are headinn to pro game. 3 wwen the final seconds of last night's afc championship game... ran out... huudreds of fans flooded the streets of federal hill../. buttsome... of... the most... intense celebrations... llst night... / weree.. right oo the field. 3 ---nats of suggs high fiiing fans---22:31:56-22:32:03 "go ravens, we're gging to the - super bbwl, woooooooooo!!" 3 3 the team... is headed to new orleans ...in two weeks, .... ut... he cost... coold keep... some fans ... here... in baltimore... for the big game. as jjhn rydell reports... if you're even thinking bout attendingthe super bowl... get ready for sticker shock... shock... 3 (rydell) "you can only imagine how many super bowl partiee are going to take place in &pbaltimore over the next couple & of weekk including here aa the charles village pub, but die-hard ravens fans are now scrambllng to find a way to get to new orleans for the big ga
won. >> the complete coverage of the big win by the ravens over the patriots continues as good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> are's watching the station that works for you good morning maryland. >> beating the familiar foe now it's onto superbowl 47 where it's brother versus brother. >> celebration rolled from foxborough down 95 into charm city. we will show outmadness that followed the big win. >> it's inauguration day and we will bring you everything you need to know ahead of president obama's historic celebration on this monday, january 21st, good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> megan -- i am megan pringle. a lot of you are waking up with a big smile on your face. we will talk about the ravens but the other big story is the inauguration which means weather and traffic is important to know because people heading down there better bundle up. >> bundle up. it's bitterly cold outside. >> it's cold and i will say it's relative because tomorrow you will want to use -- >> really? >> yeah today i will say it's cold but when you see tomorrow's temperatures, boy we will
child will perforr in college. 3 3 many ravens ffns are & still feeling the excitement... from last weekend's victory gainst he brrncos. broncos. 3 that thrill of viitory is what &pravens fans arr hoping to & repeat n new england this weekend. weekend. (19:09:40) "my - mom aught us celebrating as &&pjustin tuckee ot the game winninn field goal. i thinn this picture speaks our excitement." eecitemeet." at a rally outsidd an m-and-t-baak i hunt valley... fans brought &ptteir purple ride. former &pravens kicker matt stooer waa and helping to kick ravens fevvr into high gear. & f(19:10:18) "i really hopee ----nada, daniel ellerbie, and pay lewis somebody takes tom brady and knocks him out!" & -butt to- (19:05:27) "thhs is ballimore! thhy love their ravens if you experienced it as much as i had, airports are packed the roads to our faciiity,,people are lined up to and frrm...." a wave of excitement...." 3 gearr as been flying off shelves... and buses to new england are selllnn out. 3 fox45 news ...will have continuing coverage... of
orleans has almost been completed just a little more paving to do for the ravens. >> baltimore and new england will duke it out to advance to the super bowl. >> the party already started in baltimore. the purple caravan pumped up fans all day and nighted for a special purnl frida-- purple fr. the purple pride is in full effect. >> excited. you cannot believe how excited. we are definitely going to take this game big time and we are going to the super bowl. go ravens! >> we are learning that charm city has a lot in common with the home town of the new england patriots. jennifer franciotto has been there all week. she got a look inside a sports shrine any football fan would love. >> the hall of patriot stais something all football fans can appreciate. >> 2 floors. >> the hall opened in 2008. if it has a familiar look it's a good reason. it was created the same architect responsible for our own in camden yards. you will see plenty of trophies and exhibits dedicated to the patriots. there's also a lot of history, history of football in new england. it's the birth place of football in ameri
>>> and the ravens are heading to foxboro and the caravan out in full force. this the big story that came on sunday. thank you for joining us. >>> and you saw there the door that just opened is the purple friday care have van kicks off. we're open throughout the course of the day. the roads are all right, too. >> we are now dealing with a crash on the beltway and another on 70. more on the delays in a few but a bit of snow out this morning. >> we did get a bit. flurries we got as well. but nothing sticking to the roads. if you have to have snow. i'll take it like that. >> sounds good. >> let's look at the powerful radar as of now. around frederick, that's where we're seeing most of the reports if you are traveling along i 70, be prepared. we can see it around mount prospect. and we have it coming down but it is light in nature. that's the good things and temperatures will be on the cold side. we are above average but we have the winds out of the northwest at 16 now in stevensville. and gusts at 25 miles an hour. going into the afternoon. look at the planner we will start you off
two are ravens super bowl is a familiar foe. >> baltimore fans hope for a rollover this time around against the new england patriots. pete gilbert joins us with more on this horrible way. >> fans are expecting a big win but there is a not a match to reality. we will see a very close game come sunday. that is what the numbers bear out. it is not just a one ponit win. -- one point win. the only blow out came in the playoffs three years ago. when the ravens crashed the patriots' 34-14. fans will have to turn to their mercena imaginary girlfriends afterwards. >> we have had very competitive games against them. we have won some. not all of them. it is a battle out there. they got a good team, we got a good team. this gives will come down to the wire. >> a look at why here and around the rest of the country people think this will be a big patriots' victory. there is a reason why that might be true. >> patriots fans seem awfully confident about their chances. ans are hopinga that is where re lewis and his career. >> we were talking with patriots fans who are sure their team will win on sun
at the where everyone is celebrating the ravens, even the little ones are in on it. look at this cheerleader. yeah! >>> we're breezy. how breezy will it get. that's coming up. >>> and we're dealing with a crash here on 90 and several others across the region and the details coming up. >>> good morning. you want to hang around for the end of the show. we're whipping up grub getting ready for the tail gate. stay with us but you from heading out, you want to know how the roads are going. how is it looking now. >> it is a mess. we're dealing with the accidents. we had trouble in anne arundel where there is a crash on route 648. more problems in woodlawn where there is an accident of 70. that's going to be right as you approach 695 near the triple bridges. and there is a crash southbound near the beltway. here is a look downtown at 95 and 395. you will notice traffic is going to be heavy so expect a slow ride through the tunnel. this is the beltway. clear down to 95. but that outer loop will be slow. and that's a look at your time saver traffic. >> here is the forecast with lynette, we have been
should the pattiots wwn... and mayor rawlings- blake will enjoy seafood and other foods if the ravens come out on top. 3 19:18:37-19:18:48"you do a great jjb down there and ii look forwwrd o wwrking with - you but ou know, we haae tom braay here, ok, yeah, ww ave tom bradyyherr.""we might have brady."mayor stephanie rawlings blake says she is looking forward tt bosttnns seafood, pasta and whoopie pies. 3 3 for tte second year n a row, & the ravens anddthe patriots are preeaaiig to battle ttout for the afc championship..... & championship..... 3 and once again, baltimore has -3 a bad case of ravvns feverr... 3 the city's temperature toddy and is here with the results, & jeff.... the ravens produced a real nailliter of a victory last week.... and some fans are still hanging on tt - the memories from that miraculous game.... 3 (19:09:44) "mm mom -3& caught us celebratinggas & winnnng ffeld goal. i think thhs piccure speakksour xcitement." excitement." 3 3 phat thrill of victory is what repeat in new enggand his peekknd. at a rally valle
hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert.for the first thh ravens are going to pro football's ultimate event. bruce unninghaa is here to &pbegii ur coverage tonight of the eam's magicaa ride through the posttseason .. one of thh hardest things about making the uper bowl is acceptance...realizing that pinnacle...making sure it hits navel gazing..even hough they ddn;t play this weekend, work...'l be ut there on 3& 3with raa lewis on his sell-descriied lass ride, there won't be alone....here is talk that ed reed could retire in &phis hometown,and then there's center matt biik, whh is in his 15thnfl season, and is &pmakinn his first super bowl &pa ong time to wwit,,but birk sayshe's nnt really focuued on that right now... "nobody deserves it more than anybodyyelse, it doess't matter how long you play. to be doinggit with this team, i just think theecloseness of this ttammand kind of the journey that we've been gettiig closee to ffnally -3 bbeak ttrough is pretty special." 3&the gravity of what has happpned is beginning to seetle in on the ravenss.john harbaugh alks abo
:27:26 fans cheering cheeringgaltimore rrllies around its ravens.your ffvorite plays of the game. andd.. president obama is just pours away from his second inauguratiin.the twoobiggest challenges he'll face during his second term. 3p3 3 monday, january 21st. &3 3&pmapgreenspring bat nat pikemap yoo can just feel the eecitement across bbllimore this morning.the rrvens are headed to the suppr bowl!the team went into fooborough lastt night... and pulled out a convincing 28-13 win over the pattiott. we pick it up at thh start of the third quarter... the ravens trail 13-7.but then... joe flacco its ddnnis itta frrm ive yards out.the exxra point is good and the ravens - hits anquan boldin for wo fourth quarter touchdowns... phhs is the second one... from 11 yards out... giving thh ravens a 28-13 lead.that proved to be enouuh....and as tte clocc wound down, the "i just said the god doesn't make mistakes, man. there wass o way he was going &phe had a real plan forrus thee whole year." year."it'' the ravens' first trip to the super bowl in 12 years...they'll play ohn'ss brother jim harra
the ballroom to watch the ravens make it to the super bowl. >> yeah, i got a peak at the game. >> reporter: good people, good food. tell them about the maryland crab cakes. >> they were excellent. very good. >> reporter: twin sisters monica and veronica say it's mr. obama's second term that will be more historic than the first. >> it has been a little difficult, but we still have faith in him. >> reporter: i'm still salivating, because we saw the crab cakes come and go and never got to taste them. maybe we can get a doggy bag on the way out. but a party is still rocking and a ravens' win. hard to put yourself to bed, right? but many of us, thousands, have an early start tomorrow. i will see you at the inaugural ball at the convention center tomorrow at news4 at 6:00 and 11:00. we're live tonight from the national harbor, erica gonzalez, news4. >> my wife will make a crab cake for you sometime, erica. >> reporter: thanks, jim. >>> in just a few hours, dozens of streets downtown will be closed ahead of the inauguration. crews got an early start putting up gates and posting parking restrictio
baltimore city police. as the ravens get focused ion the 49ers and their fiist ssper bowl in more tthn a decade... one play against the still on the minds of some baltiiore players. playerr.sports director bruce some playerr have a beef with - new englann quarterback tom now stepping in.. bruce. it';s no sscret that the nfl considers new england partiotrs it's golden boys...it's pupersttrss..but the veteran brrdy maa haae createe a bit of a pr problemfor the eague ///take vo///meenwhile...the nfl says it's going to review this play from sundaynight'ss afc championshipp in which tom brady appeared ttkick the ravens ed reeddwhile it was ntenional or pot...reed kinn of brushed it offf..but safety bernard pollard, who has a long aad the pats, isn'ttbuyinn it 3iffthe nfl finds brady did it inttntiooally, which is unlikely...he coulddbe fined is even mmre unlikely...we'll h- hear from oe lacco, coming up in sports..later in the hour... and we''e following ray's last rideeall the way to the our stories on the ravens interviews from the pllyers... going to oor webbite... on the "ray's las
most of it but everything changed in the second half. the ravens were down before joe flacco found dennis pitta to put the team ahead. then this was all ravens. two more touchdown passes to anquan boldin and it was all over. now the team, they wasted no time getting back home after last nate's game but they had plenty of time to relive some of those great moments. every player contributed to the win but joe flacco was the standout. he was the elite player coaches said he is. he talked about celebrating a win but keeping an aon the next step. >> you have to enjoy it and get all this mayhem that's going to be involved with the game and getting people down to the game and all that stuff. you have to get that out of the way and take care of that so that when you focus on the 49ers, they'll have your full attention. so when we start preparing for those guys we can go after it. >> flacco now holds the nfl record for the quarterback with the most playoff wins on the road. >>> it was a true team effort and a dream come true. the atmosphere on the field after the game was electric and abc2'
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